Thursday, December 1, 2011

I'm an aunt!


That is really unbelievable. I'm not old enough to missionary, and KT is definitely not old enough to be a momma. She's not a momma, she's nothing but a sister! Wow. She looks completely adorable, and what I wouldn't give for a thanksgiving onesie with turkeys on it like her. Squeeee! Wow. Typing is really just utterly inadequate to say what I want to, I want to see her so bad! I'm so happy for you Tatie and Kodd! And I'm glad Todd didn't faint during the whole thing. I had a lot to be grateful for this week, and I was very grateful that everything went so well with that.

You all are probably wondering why I didn't write last week. As for me, I was also wondering that last week. We finished the turkey bowl and started emailing down in the family history center right next to the mission home, and I wrote my letter to my mission president and was just opening my letters and looking at little Ellie and getting super excited and emotional when they told us the center was closing! So we left, and I didn't send a note because I figured we'd get home in time so I could finish my emailing. Unfortunately, traffic was really bad, and it took us an hour to get home. And let me tell you, reading about Katie having little Ellie made me all sorts of happy and emotional, and then having to leave like that, killed me. And then we got stuck in traffic, and by the time we got home we had to go to appointments. It killed me. I was one unhappy little Elder Reichman, and I am so sorry that I didn't get to write last week. But Kt, I hope you know how happy I am for you, even if I don't get to be there, and i'm so happy and grateful that everything went well and that Ellie is everything you hoped she would be! And I'm so proud of you! Reading about how amazing it was to have Ellie, and realizing that because of the gospel, you would be with her forever, really helped me realize how grateful I am for the gospel and what the joy of the gospel really is. I don't always do a very good job of telling/showing it, especially in my limited email time, but I hope you all realize how very much I love you and miss you. You all mean everything to you, and I can't tell you how grateful I am for all you do for me, with the packages, and emails, and prayers, and I could not do this without you. I love you all!


There has been a lot that has happened since I last wrote you. My Thanksgiving was very good, I ended up having two different thanksgiving dinners and at least 3 different desserts. I wanted to die when I got home, being so full of everything and then biking was a fun experience. I had a lot of turkey, and also some tamales for thanksgiving. It was definitely a little different! It was a little hard to focus this week, what with the news of Ellie and Thanksgiving and everything. But the people here are so nice to us, especially in the food department, and I really have a lot to be grateful for. A lot more than I realize. I have so much I want to write in this email that my thoughts are getting all scattered and I don't know what to say, so if this email gets all rambly and scattered, please forgive me! The work is going pretty well. We should hopefully have two people getting baptized this next month! This past week was really tough, we had tons of appointments but nobody was home and nobody seems to be progressing much right now. But this week will be better. Our first investigator will be getting baptized probably dec 11th, and she's going great and everything, she just doesnt have a very firm testimony of the Book of Mormon yet. and our other one is going well, we just only see her once a week so she's not progressing as fast as we'd like. It's been a really interesting week. Biking is still very exciting. I had another fall last week, it was good. I was trying to go over a curb and just didn't angle quite right and went flying over the handle bars. It was exciting. And fairly painful, and the black guys across the street laughed at me. But i didn't get injured, the only casualty was my front tire, it got bent a little bit. Brent, Matt and Pops, remember how I used to be afraid of mountain biking? I don't think I will be anymore. Biking here is like mountain biking where the boulders are trying to hit you. And after USc games, it's like mountain biking where drunk boulders are trying to hit you. And the streets are full of potholes, and if you ride on the sidewalks, the trees grow really close, and the routes push up the sidewalk and make random mountains in the middle of the sidewalks. It's exciting!

I don't have time to say all that I want, and I really just want to write some personal notes now! So here goes!

borsh!- That's so cool that you got modern warfare 3! It sounds really cool. all the buses around here have giant billboards on them, so I see ads for movies and video games all the times, and it always make me want to play them! Just tell me it's not very fun ok? Your letters are awesome Josh, they make me laugh all the time. Thanks for all you do for me buddy!

Kt and Todd!!!!!!!!! Congratulations! It's a girl! I'm so happy for you two! You're gonna be such great parents. I can't wait to hear even more about Ellie, and I've loved seeing the pictures! I want to type so much more, but I just don't have time! I just hope you know how happy I am for you, and how much I love you! And I got your package today, and it made me tear up a little bit! Thanks so much KT, I can't believe you sent me a package and had a baby! You're amazing! I'm loving my sweet beatz already, and I've already made a significant dent in my M&M's! I love you so much sister!

B- Happy Birthday B! You're an old fart now! One year older and one year closer to being a menace to society! Hooray! I hope you ate double for me at Thanksgiving.

Amy- Amy, Last week, I got a carton of ice cream. By the end of the week, it was gone. and I ate the whole thing. myself. out of the carton. with a spoon. I thought you'd be proud of me. also, Mops sent me a giant bag of peanut butter M&M's, and I ate the whole thing in 3 days. I can't believe how much you've been running lately, that's crazy!

Matt and Lauren- Happy Birthday Lauren! And I can't believe I forgot about Matt's birthday too! Please forgive me!

Mops and Pops-Thanks so much for the package Mops! I loved it! and I ate all the candy way too fast. The nativity is hanging on my fridge as we speak though! Thanks for all you do, and I'm so sorry that I didn't write last week, I felt terrible about it, and I hope you didn't worry too much!

Ah. Family, I'm sorry. I was so unhappy to not write last week, I'm trying not to think too much about it or else it will just make me sad again. and I'm sorry for this letter too. I feel very weird about it. I feel I haven't even written a hundreth part of what I want to, and you guys deserve a much better letter than this. But thank you, thank you, thank you, for all your do for me. I'm so very grateful for all of you and every letter and every prayer, and I don't deserve the half of it! This week made me realize how grateful I am for you, which made it hard to be away. I love you all so much, and I'm going to write a much better letter next week. Once again, I love you all so much, and I'm so grateful for each of you and what you do for me. Have a great week!

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