Monday, December 12, 2011

Dashing through the hood...on my bike in the rain Dec. 12

Dashing through the hood...on my bike in the rain

That is the delightful song a black homeless man started singing to me as we were waiting at a stoplight. I added the second line on my own.

Family, it has been quite a week. Since KT seems to like to take everyones thunder, what with announcing her pregnancy after I opened my mission call and having Ellie right before thanksgiving, I figured it was time to show her up. And here's my news for this week.....

It's a boy!!!!

This has been quite the transfers week. For those who haven't been on missions, I'm training this transfer! My new companion is elder Moore, he's not really a newbie, the way the new training is it takes 12 weeks. So he served one transfer already, and now I'm finishing his training. So he's really my stepson. It was really funny, he was in my zone at the MTC, and we used to joke that I would train him. And now I really am! It's crazy. I don't feel qualified at all, but with a little faith and a lot of help from the Lord, we've actually had a pretty incredible week. I'm in the same area, so by the time this transfer is over, i'll have been in this ward for at least 4 and a half months! It's really good to have a new companion. Me and Elder Goll had some good times together, but it's been really nice to switch it up. Me and elder moore are having a great time so far, and being senior companion has really, really helped me. I don't know what it was, maybe just a lack of confidence, but I always felt like I was doing something wrong with my trainers. And that really kind of hindered my ability to teach with the Spirit. Because this whole week, I've never felt more guided in my teaching. It's been amazing. I've had some of the best lessons of my whole mission this past 5 days. We had a great lesson with Y. on wednesday. When we were teaching, I felt like I should ask her to pray about which day she should be baptized. She wasn't ready for yesterday, so I asked her to pray about which day she should be baptized, 18th or the 25th. And we went back the next day, and she told us that she got an answer! She said she started crying, and felt really, really happy. And that's what we've been waiting for, is for her to really feel like she's gotten an answer. So guess who is going to have a white christmas? Elder Reichman! She wants to get baptized on December 25th! Which is also her birthday! and she wants me to baptize her! And then, thursday was such a good day. Right after our lesson with Y., we had a lesson with our investigator named S. And she's been progressing slowly, she's very hesitant, and we extended a kind of shaky baptismal date for the 25th for her, but she didn't seem very committed to it. But on thursday, we went by her house, and she told us she'd been thinking about it, and she really wants to get baptized on the 25th! So, if all goes well, and I'm not seeing an problems, we'll have a double baptism on christmas! And, the two kids of M, who I baptized my first transfer, should be getting baptized then too! It's been so cool. It's been an amazing week. And yesterday, I had the best lesson I've ever had, with N. It was so good, that lesson was completely guided, the Spirit was truly giving me what to say in the moment I needed it. Teaching was never easier than it was that lesson. It was amazing. She's not progressing, but I'm really hoping she'll start reading for real and get an answer after that lesson. After my best lessons with N, I always run into crazy men who drive the Spirit away. I always get out feeling a million bucks, and then run into crazy guys. It's really weird. (that cur did it again. The frequency of it is starting to make me doubt it's accidental nature). I feel like I'm living in the "can I have your number" video. I wish I could video tape my life here, I could have a few Youtube sensations by now. But anyway, it's been an awesome week. I've never felt more guided by the spirit than I have this week. And, I realize, the more success I get, how little I really do. Every single thing is given to me. I just try and show Heavenly Father that I want it. It's very humbling, and also relieving. It's been a really great week, and I'm really excited for this week too! We've got a lot of solid investigators, and I really think even more of them are going to start progressing. I love you all so much family, and I hope you enjoy the snowdogs at cornbird for me! Have a great week, and don't forget to read the Book of Mormon everyday!

Borsh! That stinks that Lily and Kola are both sick! That really stinks. My church is at 11 right now, and it switches to 9 soon. I'm fine with that, but I feel attendance will drop 50%. We have a hard enough time getting people to church as it is! I hope you can endure through school this next week, and have a great time at snowbird!

B-I always hated finals. I don't know who you are. That stinks there hasn't been any snow. We haven't had any either! It's started raining today, which is always interesting on a bike. Hopefully Snowbird will get some snow in time for you to ski!

M@- A penas recibio su playera? casi olivide sobre eso. Su playera dice "por eso tengo calor" verdad? Con Mario? Yo no puedo recordar. Yo probi arroz con leche. Usted tuvo eso mucho? no me gusto! yo no podia acabarlo. todos los personas aqui nos llamen hermanos. no elderes, solamente hermanos. y tambien, no hay a nadie que pueda decir mi apellido. voy a salir el barrio, y nadie va a recordarme. Porque, nadie saben mi nombre haha. Tenga una buena semana!

Amy-I've been wanting to make oreo truffles for so long. You have no idea. I remember when we ate all those truffles. That was awesome. I eat so much. Carne asada, sopes, papusas, mucho arroz, cosas asi. I do remember our Adele sing a long, that was awesome. Me and elder Moore have just been singing "dashing through the hood the past couple days". That's so crazy Anna and sarah are both getting married! I cant e'en b'lee dat. You need to tell them congrats for me. And Cary is finishing pilot training? What? that's really crazy. I can't wait to hear where you're going next! That's gonna be so interesting. That's really too bad you don't have good mexican food in Del Rio. I actually don't eat much mexican food. Mostly Salvadorean and guatemalan actually. I've only eaten with mexicans a few times, oddly enough.

Kt-Squee! ellie looks super adorable, albeit a tiny bit grumpy. There are tons of Christmas lights here, and as missionaries in the LA mission, we are incredibly lucky because we can go to the temple and the visitors center with our investigators! We went with yecenia on saturday night and looked at the lights, it was a really awesome experience. and she really loved it. I'm sure I'm going to get some tamales this Christmas! I'm excited. It's gonna be a great christmas.

Momma! The tree in a box was the best thing ever! Me and elder moore were stoked this morning when we put it together! I'll send some pictures. and I'm being obedient, and I haven't opened the brown box yet! aren't you proud of me? I am running out of time, but I sure love you and can't wait to talk to you soon! and I will probably end up calling in the afternoon, so it should all work out great!

Pops-I got sick this past week too! It's made this week more interesting. It makes church hard. That's great that bro D. got released, I know how excited he is about that. I think they need to call you to be bishop down here. I'm sure that you talking over the pulpit in your english/japanese would be great for them and help pull this ward into shape.

I'm all out of time, but I love you all, keep me in your prayers, and I'll always keep you in mine! I love you!

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