Monday, October 3, 2011

Me gusta sus patillas

I'll do some translating, since Matt is frolicking on the beach!
Title: I like your patillas??? I have no idea what patillas are. I'll leave that one for matt to figure out. (it's sideburns)
Conference was marvelous! I like conference a lot. I hope you guys were able to watch it. Hmmm. It was an interesting week. The ime on the mission is very strange. All of the days seem very long. But the weeks feel like days. They are very short. It's very interesting. I hope my Spanish is right, but I'm not sure. Matt can correct me.
And Matt's letter part- I'm in Mexico too. It's the same right? I tried avila (no idea what avila, i'm guessing he meant savila, which mean aloe?) juice last week. Have you tried it? It was really good. I hope you and Lauren are very happy on your trip, and that your work isn't too busy when you come back. I'll write you next week! I want you! (You say te quiero in spanish to say I love you, but literally it means I want you.)
And there ya go!

On Mon, Oct 3, 2011 at 4:05 PM, Ryan Reichman wrote:
Conferencia fue maravillosa! Me gusto la conferencia mucho. Yo espero que ustedes pudieran mirarlo. Hmmm. Fue una semana interesante. El tiempo en el mision es muy extrano. Todos los dias son muy largo. Pero, las semanas parecen como dias. Ellos son muy corto. Es muy interesante. Yo espero que mi espanol este correcto, pero, no estoy seguro. Matt puede arreglarme.
Hi Family!
Man. I hope you all had a chance to watch all that conference! It was so good! Oh man. I loved it. I think my two favorite talks were President Uchtdorfs and Elder Cooks. And Elder Hollands talk at the priesthood session made me really glad I was already on a mission and not preparing for one. but I loved it. We had a couple investigators that were able to come, and one of them was there during Elder Callisters talk on the BOM. Man, that one was awesome. And she seemed to really like conference, which was awesome because if all goes well she'll be getting baptized later this month! If she does get baptized, it'll be amazing. We really were led to her, and she's one of the first people I ever contacted. She's really awesome, she's really enjoying everything we're teaching her so far and she's been reading the Book of Mormon a lot. We've got very high hopes for her. And some hopes for her kids. Her husband is a black man from honduras, so her kids are black but speak spanish. It's interesting. I think they felt really awkward at the spanish church though. And conference was even better because we got to watch it in English! They have a projector set up in the chapel, but that's the spanish one. But they set up a TV in the relief society room for all the english elders pretty much. This church is a little on the poorer side, they don't have hymnbooks, and the TV we used wasn't quite what i'm used to. It looked like I was watching general conference out of the 80's. I love it. And due to my recent experiences in my area, and the fact that the color was a little faded, but the Motab has never looked whiter. Everytime they focused on the black guy in the Motab it made me feel a little more comfortable. So something interesting this week is that I went on splits for the first time! So I was actually an english elder on tuesday. And I rode a bike and everything. I actually really enjoyed it. It's been so long since i've been outside for that long. And we met some really interesting people. and I almost got hugged by a black lady. She went for it, and I stepped back, and she got super offended. I felt terrible, but once I explained it I think she felt better. Also, we watched a video by a general authority at a members house, and it was awesome. It's by F. enzio busche. He gave a BYU devotional a lot of years ago, and I would definitely recommend you all watch it. It's awesome. It's on Youtube. I wish I had more exciting news for you all. This week has been really interesting. It's gone by really fast it feels like. We've got a lot of potential in our area right now, but right now nothing is happening fast. We've got 3 investigators who are ready for baptism but can't right now for one reason or the other, and then 3 others with baptismal dates that we've found. Also, you all would be so proud of me. I've eaten spaghetti twice since I've got here. And I didn't even cry. and I'm actually starting to like beans and rice. Todd, I've had some really good beans and rice here. Now I just need to convince the hermanas to share the recipes with me. But I've had some delicious carne asada, I had the best tilapia with beans and rice i've ever had, and tons of other stuff. It's really good food here. I hardly eat anything besides dinner so I don't get fat. And I had In'n'out for the first time today since I got here. And we had a half hour conversation with a muslim man outside of it. It was really interesting. And a lady inside was taking pictures of us. So keep your eye out for pictures of me on the Web alright? But anyway, everything is going well for me. I hope i'll have some really good stuff to tell you next week. But the church is true. I can't watch General conference without knowing that. And the Book of Mormon is definitely true too. And mostly what I want to say, the Atonement is a real thing. The one thing about being a missionary with so many rules, it's a lot of opportunites for blessings, but it's also a lot of opportunites for repentence. And I've had some really great experiences with that this week, not great because I've messed up, but great because I know i've been forgiven even though I don't deserve it in the slightest. And that's really the amazing thing about the Atonement. Is that we don't deserve it at all. It's just a gift from our Brother who loves us more than we can imagine, and who died so that we can be like Him. And that's why i'm here, because there are a lot of people who need it here. LA is not kind to a lot of people. Anyway, I love you all so much. I loved to get your letters, and I can't wait to write you all next week! keep reading your scriptures and praying! And going to church! I love you!
Borsh-Borsh! That's so crazy that you played in a frisbee game. It seems like just yesterday I was doing that. I hope you made the Reichman name proud. Or at least brought it up from when I left there. How's Lily? I hope she's doing well, and you're not spending all your time playing video games and neglecting her. But you wouldn't do that. thanks for your great letter this week bud, it was great to hear from you. Keep on having fun at school, and I will talk to you soon! Love you buddy!
Amy-Amy. Our letters are going to be the same soon. We're just going to spend all our time comparing the things we ate during the week. If I get fat, you have to get fat with me, deal? I'm so glad Cary's checkride went well. he's been in my prayers here. I hope things calm down for you two soon, and that Abby stops licking your cinnamon rolls.
B-Oh B. I forgive for your lack of letter last week now. I'm sorry to hear about your interesting news on the girl front, but i'm sure it'll improve. I mean, i'm talking to the guy wearing the 5000 dollar suit! I got a little caesars during p-day last week, and it made me think for a second about all the little c's we got together. Good thing there are plenty more of those in our future. Anyway, I love you B! (and I thought you concentrated on calculus laast year)
Matt- Mexico! Soy en mexico tambien. es lo mismo si? Yo probe el jugo de avila semana pasada. usted ha probado eso? fue muy bien. yo espero que Usted y lauren esten muy feliz en su viaje, y su trabajo no es demasiado ocupado despues. Les escribire proxima semana! Les quiero!
P.S. I like what you said about spiritual snacking, not just feasting. It's easy to have feasts every now and then. But the real staying power is in the daily snacking there.
Kt- I am also of the opinion that Wesley could have peed on the rug. Let's not point the figure to Kola. Could have been Josh too. I'm so glad to hear of all your exciting baby stuff! That's so exciting. I can't wait to see pictures, and tell Todd not to be too jealous of all my beans and rice. Tell Lola hi for me!
Mops and Pops- Mops, you would be so proud of me. Last week, I sliced up a watermelon! all by myself! And yesterday, and I found a little george foreman in our apartment, and I made myself a delicious panini! just like mom used to make! thanks for teaching me all that stuff! and pops, I could open the video, but I really want to see it. I sure love you both, and thanks for all your do for our family.
I love you all so much, and I hope you have a wonderful week!

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