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Hola Familia!

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Hola Familia! como esta? Yo espero todos es bien con ustedes. todos los cosas estan bien aqui. Yo soy aprender mucho a cerca de Espiritu y el evangelio.
Hola family! It's this time of the week again. I've been in the MTC a month now. Can you believe that? I was sitting there thinking about it the other night, and it totally blew my mind. I can't believe it's already been a month since I was last at home. It's been a good week. It's always interesting here. Life here has so many ups and downs, it's really impossible to describe unless you've been here. I never understood that, but now i do. I have times I feel like I could convert the entire city of Los Angeles in one go, and other times when I feel like I've never heard of the Book of Mormon or Spanish. It's a rollercoaster. But it's good. It's been a fun week. It's hard to start, i feel i have so much to tell you. I've had some great experiences teaching. We taught one of our progressing investigators (for the record, that means we're teaching our teacher who is pretending to be someone they know really well) the law of chastity, and she's living with her boyfriend, and she really seemed to understand that it was important and she understand that what she was doing was wrong and she wanted to change. It was really cool, I could definitely tell the Spirit was guiding that lesson. We also do a lot of practice teaching each other in our district, and that's really cool. When we are investigators, we pretend to be somebody we know. And it's so cool, when you pretend to be somebody you know well, and really get into it, the Spirit will tell you what that person is really thinking and how you can help them. It's been really cool experiencing it. Another thing I've noticed is when I study for my investigators, and not for myself, but my focus is really on them, not only am I more prepared to teach them, but the Spirit will testify to me that what I'm trying to teach is true, and it makes me want to share it so much more when I realize what it truly means to me. An amazing thing also, is how well you guys are guided by the Spirit when you write me. So many times, I've been reading a letter, and what you've wrote has been exactly what i've needed to hear to motivate me and cheer me up. I don't know what I would do without the support of such an awesome family, it really makes a difference. Also, before I forget, the scripture I want for my plaque is D&C 6:33-36. It might be a little long, but if it's possible I'd like all of it. And if it's not possible, let me know and I can change it. This week was crazy because, wait for it....I LEFT THE MTC. It was crazy. Elder Harper got sick, and the health clinic is closed saturday, so we had to go to the BYU health center, and then to the pharmacy. I felt like a zoo animal let out of my cage. It felt super weird. I was standing and driving around the places I spent all year at, that was really weird. And I was standing in the pharmacy, and I was not sure what to do, who to talk to, what was ok to do in there, what language to speak, it was weird. It's gonna be even weirder in LA, but much better. Also, speaking of Elder Harper, I seem to have a streak of having roommates who sleep talk (or in the case of Josh, sleep fart). Elder Harper sleep talks. And it's hilarious. One night, he had a nightmare. And I thought he was possessed by the Devil. (or Santa, as Elder Harper accidentally said when we were teaching, instead of Satan). He started screaming, and crying for help, and it was so terrifying. I threw a pillow at him because I was afraid to get close to him. It's amazing how terrifying it is when you're almost asleep and your companion gets possessed. Also, one night, he said, Que? oh. como estas? It was really funny. My favorite is when he will start speaking spanish like the TALL program does. The people on there sound like robots. Our district always makes fun of it, and we can't take some words seriously. But he starts speaking like them, and it's really funny. Speaking of TALL, when you're using it you're supposed to always be speaking and practicing, so everybody is always talking and it's loud. I discovered it's very awkward to practice teaching the Law of Chastity lesson when you're in the TALL lab. And since I was wearing headphones, I was talking loud, and just randomyl saying homosexual and la relaciones sexuales, and people gave me very weird looks. But I learned it, so it was worth it. Also, my title has to do with something Elder Williams said. he was trying to say the members will feed us, but he accidentally said that instead. That the members will eat us. We didn't laugh at all. Also, I continue my streak of getting weird injuries in super lame ways. I was playing basketball monday, and I was posting up, and I somehow tripped over somebody's shoe. It was a nothing fall, and it didn't really hurt. But after a couple minutes, it still hurt a little, and I looked down and I had two kneecaps! It swelled up like crazy. It looked like somebody stuck a tennis ball underneath my knee. It was gross. And now it's mostly just super bruised around there. The guy at the gym said it's probably some bursitis, and it'll get better in a few days. It doesnt hurt that bad, it just looks gross. but that's my week, and I love you all! I wish I had more time to say all that i wanted to say. Also, I could use some more jeans. Apparently, we're not supposed to wear shorts around the MTC on pday, but it makes it so I have no opportunity to wash my pants without breaking a rule. But anyway. I love you all! And the Church is true. And I've come to know, more the past couple weeks, that the only way to really be happy and to have peace in this life is through the Savior. as I do my best to do what He would do if he was here, I can feel the blessings coming, and I know that He loves me. And I know He is the only way. And I want everybody and especially my family to know that.
Borsh!-haha josh, youre Elder brother joke killed me. That was good. It made me very proud. I can't believe you're getting two pars while playing golf and starting high school monday! what the heck! That's more pars in one game than I have period. I'm jealous. I can't believe you're old enough to be in high school, and i hope you're excited. You're gonna have a great time, and I can't wait to hear about it. high school really is what you make of it. If you want to have a good time, and have good friends, when you're living the gospel it will all come. I can promise you that. I love you bud, good luck!
i wish I had more time to talk to you all, you wrote great letters to me this week and have a lot I want to say back to you. I'll try and do better next time. I love you!

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