Thursday, August 18, 2011

Hola Familia! Yo espero todos las cosas estan bien. Yo extrano ustedes mucho, pero, esta bien. Estoy haciendo el obra del Senor y yo tuve una buena semana. Debo compartir?

Hola Familia!

I've had a great week over here at the good old CCM. It's been quite the week, a lot of really really good moments, a few not so good moments, and a lot of really funny moments. I hope you're ready. First of all, a week ago, after I finished writing you guys and my pday, me and Elder Harper taught the best lesson we've taught yet. It was so good. Unfortunately, I'm really not entirely positive why it was so good, it just was. We were teaching, and we were just doing a really good job at being interested in the life of the investigator, named Brittany. We've been teaching her since the second day. And we shared some personal stories, and the Spirit was just really strong. It was so good. And Brittany likes to use her phone during lessons sometimes, and it just hit me towards the end of the lesson that that was why she wasn't progressing the way we wanted her too. So we challenged her to not use her phone when she read scriptures, and to try and not have distractions so she can feel the Spirit more. It ended so well. And I really think she is progressing. Although our last meeting with her she said she didn't understand the 1st chapter of Nephi. We kind of wasted an entire lesson trying to explain things to her, and I think it was mostly just my teacher trying to teach us that we can't answer every question. Every man eventually is backed up to the wall of faith, and there he must make is stand. That's Preach my Gospel. I really love that book. The more I use it, the more I love it. It teaches everything so well, I don't even know why I'm teaching. I should just hand people copies of Preach my Gospel instead. It's so good. I've learned so much from using it, and man am I grateful I have a tool like that to use. It'd be a whole different missionary work without it. Our district is progressing well. Last week, our teacher told us that we're progressing incredibly fast. He said we're one of the best districts in the MTC. Our spanish is better than a lot of people who are about to leave, and we still have 4 weeks left. We are doing so well that they are probably going to start sending people in to watch our classes to see what it is we're doing. That was a very nice thing to hear. And also very humbling. Because I know how little I have to do with it. I'm working hard, and trying to speak as much Spanish as I can, but really I give all the credit to having really really great teachers and the Spirit. I'm sure there are people who are working harder than me who are not seeing the same success. But it's still really cool. And it definitely helped us feel good about how we're doing. I've really had a great week. I've had some great spiritual experiences. And I know Heavenly Father is watching over this work. And me. And the longer I've been here, the more I know the CLAM is the right mission for me. talking with other people about where they're going, i'm very grateful to be going where I am. It really is just perfect for me. You know something cool? I actually have a ministerial certificate. I was looking at it the other day, and I think it's really cool. It's very humbling realizing who and what I am really representing. Also, I met an Elder Stevens here. He's going to Hong Kong and he says he's the Bush's nephew. I thought that was interesting. It's a small world. I just happened to start talking to him while I was waiting for my toast to burn. Also, I broke a rule the other day. It says in the white handbook, that your socks and pants should always match. I looked down and realized I was wearing brown socks with blue pants. Yo fui muy embarazado. I talked to a german sister while I was waiting for a fireside, and man I can't remember my german now. I'm so totally immersed in spanish I can only remember german words I don't know in spanish yet. My english is going downhill too. It's getting to the point where I think of spanish words before some english words now. There's so many languages here I have a hard time remembering which one I speak. And when we watch movies, I kind of get annoyed that the people aren't even speaking any spanish, and then realize that it's because it's an english movie. Oh well. Esta bien. It was a funny week. Probably the highlight of the week was when we found out Elder Penrod in my district has thought that my companion, Elder Harper, has had AIDS since we got here. Oh man. We really don't know what happened. But I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. Luckily, Elder Harper does not have AIDS. Also, Elder Penrod was trying to say cheeto fingers, and instead said "chickle finers." We love him. He's one of the happiest funniest guys I know, he's really great. Also, me and Elder Harper were talking about the bubonic plague, and somehow one of us ended up saying mnemonic plague. We enjoyed imagining what that would entail. That would be an oyster carnival of epic proportions. But it's been a really great week, and thanks so much for your letters and packages. I got 3 packages and 5 letters yesterday, and man was I happy and man was everyone else in my district jealous. So thanks so much. although I'm gonna get fat from all the food. But that's alright. Thanks for all you do, I love you all, and I can't wait to write youy again next week!

Borsh-Feliz Cumpleanos! Yo no creo usted estara 14 anos. No es posible. I hope you have a great birthday buddy, and I hope High school is going well! I love you!

Amy-Shut the front door. Cary is not going to fly planes. no es posible. Also, I forgive you. And for packages, I will love and enjoy and cherish almost anything you send me. I hope work gets better, and I can't believe D-face is an old married fart now. I always thought she would wait for me. Triste dia.

B- I hope your septum is straightened now and that your nose looks less boogery than usual. And that your nose doesn't swell up from surgery or else you're gonna look like Matt

Matt-I'm expecting photos of your new place soon. I can't wait to see it. It's weird seeing the windmills out the window here and realizing that you're that close. But it's alright. Tell Lauren hi!

KT & Bundle D-I'm an aunt! I mean...congrats on lola bunny! I am gonna be suprised if you do have a baby bunny inside or outside your tummy when I get home. Not disappointed, just surprised. That's so exciting that she's moving around so much, what an athlete. You're super pregnant.

Mops & Pops- I actually have not gotten my picture book yet, but mail is a little screwy here sometimes. I'm sure I'll get it soon. Time is up, but I sure love you guys. Can't wait to hear from you! And thanks for all you do!

Love you!

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