Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I am going to to write a 5 page novel Feb. 20

Hola Familia!

me da mucho gusto para escribirles otra vez esta semana. Ustedes me escribieron muy buenas cartas esta semana, y me sentia muy contento leerlas. Esta semana ha sido muy extrana. mucho mas de lo mismo. Despues de nuestra limpieza, pensabamos que habia mucho espacio por nuevos investigadores. Esta semana ha sido un poco dificil, pero tenemos mucho potencial ahora. Me siento que vayamos a tener mucho exito esta proxima semana y especialmente este proximo cambio, aun que tal vez yo no vaya a estar aqui.

Hi family! This week has been really interesting. It's been another kind of interesting week. Each week we think the slump will get over, and then we sit down on sunday night and we're just thinking, dangit. No baptismal dates, no progressing investigators, what happened? But we've been working hard, and we've really got a ton of potential, its just going to be sifting through it. And whenever I get too down, I just have to think of E. He continues to be amazing. This week, he even volunteered to say the prayer in class, and he brought his mom to church! E. has already been taught everything, so we just focus on the BOM, and especially we've realized helping him help his family will keep him going strong. His niece and nephew have been coming to the activities, and they've even starting reading the BOM as well! They're really cool, i love him and his whole family so much, they are the kind of people I will always remember. We're having dinner with them for the first time this week, and we're really excited for that. Everytime we go over, they're cooking something. And friday, they gave us tacos de lengua! they were really good. We saw his sister in law pulling these giant cow tongues out of the pot, and we were kind of grossed out at first, but once they're chopped up, with some pico de gallo and hot sauce, they're amazing. But he continues to do really well, and he's already got almost 60 days clean. Hopefully just 30 more and he'll be ready for baptism! A. and L. are doing well, they feed us every week, and this week, they fed us so much! Two giant plates of meat and beans, followed by cookies, flan, and a bowl of fruit. It was crazy. I was the only one who finished it. I felt like dying afterward, but I felt proud of finishing it. We also have our investigator S., he's doing well, it's hard to teach him because his less active wife always whispers the answers in his ear. It's very hilarious and very frustrating. They actually live right behind the computer shop where we are writing right now! But I know I started this letter off kind of negatively. But man this week ended well. I was feeling pretty down sunday. It's been a tough few weeks, and the worst part is wondering if the lack of success is because of something you're doing wrong or if it's just a test of faith. I was thinking a lot about that, and I prayed and asked Heavenly Father to help me know that I was on the right track. And that day at church, this lady named M. walked up to us, told us she lived in our area, had been going to church for the past two months, and wanted to be baptized! It was amazing. We think she's been going to the other ward and that's why she hasn't talked to us before. It was amazing to get that new progressing investigator who will soon have a baptismal date, and it was even more amazing just realizing how much Heavenly Father loves me. He inspired her to talk to us that day so that I could have that answer to that prayer. It's very humbling, and makes me realize how much more grateful I should be for what I already have. Including a wonderful family like you! I keep our Christmas card in my backpack, and if the circumstances are right in the lesson I like to pull it out and talk about all of you. You really are all amazing, and I am so grateful for all of you. And it's what keeps me going here in the mission. I would definitely not be here without all of you. I just hope you know how much I love all of you, and how grateful I am for everything.

And for my spiritual thought for this week, I read something that caught my attention. In the second to last verse of Jacob, he says they mourned all the days of their lives. But earlier, Nephi, says they lived after the manner of happiness, earlier in 2nd nephi. I was thinking about that, and how Jacob and Nephi had a lot of similar circumstances. And I don't know all the circumstances, things probably did change, but it seemed to me that Nephi was just happy because he wanted to be. Even a prophet has to have a good attitude to be happy. And I realized so much of my happiness, here and always, depends on my attitude. But that's my soapbox for this week, it's been a good week, Me and elder Moore and Elder Clark have been having a great time. Can't wait to write you all next week!

Josh- How was dull rio? It sounds really fun, I've never been to a pilot graduation! How are Kola and Lily doing? I love you bud, have a great week. Try a somersault!

A- Amy you're going to get transferred the same day I am! Our transfers are on the 29th of this month as well! And I don't know why, I just have a feeling I'm leaving the ward. I can't believe I've already been here for almost 6 months, this transfer has been crazy fast! Although your transfer sounds a little more intense. Graduation sounds super fun, along with feeding tons of people! I feel for you. I made breakfast for Elder Moore and Elder clark yesterday. It was stressful. I made them breakfast papusas! With egg, bacon and cheese. They weren't very good. But they have tons of potential. When I get home, I will perfect them. But I love you, tell Cary congrats on his wings, and I'm so proud of him! I tell all the missionaries I meet how cool he is. I mean, a fur real pilot! But I sure love you Yam, good luck with everything!

B- Your week sounds super fun! I remember days like that. Maybe not quite like that. But still close. With the new training program, they have 2 hours comp study, and sometimes that's enough for me. But Enrique is still amazing. He really is, and he continues to love everything, he hasn't flagged at all. And he said ever since we gave him a blessing, he hasn't even been tempted to use drugs. it's pretty amazing. Well I hope that we both have more exciting weeks, and I love you B!

Kt- I really like what you said, That Heavenly Father is holding the 99 back so we can focus on the 1. There's so many people here, that's its really easy to always focus on new people and not focus on just the ones who need it most. Also, I can't even imagine todd as a softie. no way. When I see Ellie, I will not be a softie. We will be doing scripture study every day, and I will never even take her to the park, or buy her ice cream, or anything. Ellie sure sounds adorable, even if she was all cranky this week. I hope she feels better this week!

M@- I am indeed still in a trio, and unless Elder Clark gets his visa in this next week I still will be til the next transfer. But President Baker said they won't keep the trios for the next transfer. I've actually really liked it, it keeps it interesting. We laugh a lot more, it's harder to get down with three people. Your weekend and valentines day sounds great, all I did was interrupt other peoples romantic celebrations! that was fun. But I hope you have a great week, tell Lauren I say hi!

Mops- That speedway sounds super fun. You might have to take me there sometime! Thanks for your letter mops, I am unfortunately running out of time, but I sure love you!

Pops-That story about Kathy rawlins is amazing. It does my heart good hearing about you and mops helping the missionaries, because members make or break an area. I never realized how important having members were. I didn't even realize that we had a ward mission leader before I left. I hope everything continues to go well with her!

I love you all, have a great week!

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