Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Las cucurachas, las cucarachas, ya no pueden caminar, porque las mate, porque las mate, las cucarachas en mi casa!

Hola famila! como estan? todo esta bien aqui. Hemos tenido una buena semana y hemos econtrado muchas buenas investigadoras nuevas. Tengo mucha esperanza por esta area y este traslado tambien, creo que vamos a tener mucho exito este traslado. Hay cucarachas en mi apartamento! no me gustan. Yo he matado muchas. Muchas cucarachas en mi cocina. Pero, esta bien. tambien, tuve la oportunidad para asistir el templo y estoy muy agradecido por esta oportunidad. no tengo muchas historias por esta semana, entonces, esta carta va a ser un poco mas corto. Lo siento!

(Matt’s translation) Hello, family! How are you all? Everything is good here. We've had a good week and we've found a lot of good new investigators. I have a lot of hope for this area and this transfer as well, I think we're going to have a lot of success this transfer. There are cockroaches in my apartment! I don't like them. I have killed many. A lot of cockroaches in the kitchen. But, it's OK. Also, I had the opportunity to attend the temple and I'm very grateful for that opportunity. I don't have many stories this week, so this letter is going to be a bit shorter. Sorry!

Hi family! Greetings from LA! I just want everyone to know, the weather isn't always perfect. Me and Elder Goll had to ride in the rain at least for a couple hours this week. And it actually gets down to about 50 at night, which is a tiny bit chilly on a bike. I'm still enjoying being a bike elder, except my gears on my new bike don't shift quite right. But I got it fixed today, for free, so it's all good. But the exercise has been good for me, because I think i get even more food here. And elder goll loves to bake, so he makes cakes and stuff all the time. Sadly, with a disappointing lack of shrimp on the barbie. Although, they're called prawns in australia (austria). He's refusing to teach me how to speak in an australian accent, but hopefully I'll be able to pick up enough to fake it. His spanish is a little interesting, because he doesn't say r;s at all, let alone roll them. My spanish is actually a lot better than his, both with pronunciation and grammar. But he can still understand better than me. But I really don't have too much to report. I also had my first bike accident this week! I don't really know what happened. But I was cruising, and I hit something. Rolled over the handlebars and and hit the pavement pretty hard. I ripped my pants and put a couple little holes in my rain jacket, and scraped my knee, and I'm a little sore, but surprisingly I'm not hurt. Heavenly Father has definitely been watching over me this week. I've come really close to a lot of accidents, and I should have gotten hurt more from that accident. He's definitely protecting me. I feel like this week went by really fast, but nothing big happened. We've found some really cool new investigators, and hopefully they will continue to progress well. Me and Elder Goll got to go to the temple with a family from his first area, because they were getting sealed. It was a really cool experience, and definitely the highlight of my week. That's the real fruits of our work right there, and our goal with everyone we baptize. This mission has a real focus on the temple, and finding and baptizing the investigators that are going to get there. But it was really cool. I hope I have more to tell you about next week, but I'm running out of time, and I don't have too much left. By the way, I loved your letters this week! They were really great, and I LQTM'ed multiple times. Which is embarassing because I'm typing in the family history center underneath the visitors center. Also, I just ran into the two elders serving in Summers ward! They took a picture with me and promised to tell them I said hi, so that was cool. As for christmas music, it should bring the spirit and not be distracting. That's really our basic guideline for our mission. Anyway, I love you all, and I can't wait to hear from you again next week!

Josh-Hey buddy! you know something weird? I'm probably not going to see snow my whole mission. It rains here during the winter, but no snow. I can't believe it's already november, and you're getting snow! I hope you're getting ready to play in the turkey bowl, because I sure am! My mission has a turkey bowl, i'm really excited for it. Too bad about that snow day, hopefully you'll still get it!

B-oh man B. That picture is amazing. You look just like tobias. It's almost scary. Your paper on gravitational waves sounds as exciting as watching paint dry. I'm glad I don't have to do school for another two years! Anyway, I hope everything continues to go well, and I'll talk to you next week! And I hope you still have your white handbook so you can help the fambly pick out christmas music.

A-AH! Sarah is getting married? what the heck. I thought she was going to wait for me. But that's great. I'm happy for her, make sure you tell her to send me an invitation. I can't believe how much you're running. That's insane. Although, at the rate i'm going, I might just be able to match you. I'm getting legs of steel from my bike. I'm glad Cary is doing well, and not as stressed, and Abby is continuing to be adorable. Love you Yam!

M-Bien triste hermano. I hear that so much. But I can't believe how long your letter took! sad day. But thanks for, it was great. I hope you and Lauren are doing great, that's so cool you work so close to each other now. Oh man. Matt, I know about the timing differences. I played those two on sunday, and man, it is impossible to play with them. You should have heard our last song. It was so terrible. I've been appointed the offical ward pianist, and everyone thinks I can play everything. Which was bad yesterday, I played at a baptism, I'd never played it before, and I slaughtered it. Completely. And President Baker was there, and everything. Super embarassing. Luckily, they slaughtered it too. Tell Lauren I say hi, and i'll write her more next week!

K&T-AH! two weeks!??!?! how in the heck. You are not old enough to be a mommy. In the same way I am not old enough to be a missionary. That is so weird. But it's sounds like everything is going so well with you two, and I'm so excited to hear about Lola and see pictures! ah. I cant e'en b'lee dat.

Mops and Pops-once again, I am out of time. I'm sorry! As for a christmas list, I'd say my present desires are more short sleeved shirts, ties, and socks. And music. and candy. and bread. and stew. and a puppy. But that's really all I want. I love you two, and I will write you again next week!

Love you all!

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