Thursday, September 8, 2011

Before I forget, I am leaving for LA on wednesday! We got our flight plans right after I finished emailing you guys, and we're leaving at 5 in the morning. Our flight leaves at 8:30, but we're leaving the MTC at 5. So i talked to my branch president, and he said it's fine if I call you, so I need to buy a calling card I guess and We should have about an hour where I can talk! It looks like, and this is my guess, I'll probably have the hour between 7-8 to call. Around that time. So if you guys could talk about it tonight, and maybe work out a schedule for me to call that'd be great, with phone numbers an everything. And send it in a dear elder tonight, because after tomorrow I won't get mail. So if you want to talk to me, work out what times are best for everybody, and get me the phone numbers and I'll do my best to give everyone a call! it's gonna a little early. I can't believe Kt and Todd will be leaving the day before I get there. I'm glad you guys are warming it up for me. And say hi to Katrina for me! I wish I could be there so bad. I'm so excited for her.
This has actually been a really good week. even though i've had a hard time sitting for most of it. We had our mission conference sunday, and that was two straight hours of sitting. I was scared for that but it actually turned out really well. One of the MTC presidency, President McIff, gave a talk a really liked. He called it the steps of eternal progression. And simply, what it is faith, repentence and obedience. Faith gives us the desire, the driving force, obedience moves us farther along, and through continuing repentance we keep moving upward. And he said many times we overcomplicate the gospel. It's a very simple gospel. One of my favorite things he said is just that sometimes repentence is as easy as saying it was wrong and not doing it again. Which reminded me of something I read in the bible dictionary. The bible dictionary is awesome. Sometimes I just sit and read it, its really interesting. And it explains a lot of very important doctrines very simply. I was reading the passage about fear, and it says "From the Fall of Adam Heavenly Father has been teaching his children not to fear, but to ask for forgiveness in full confidence of receiving it." Too often, at least for me, I think of Heavenly Father as someone who is expecting complete perfection and is just waiting to punish me. But it's the exact opposite. All He's waiting to do it forgive us and bless us, we just need to do our part through repentence and obedience. I actually really liked the mission conference. I really felt the Spirit very strong. Something interesting for me, is Heavenly Father most often blesses me with spiritual experiences when I'm not expecting it. When I'm expecting it, I get worried about what I should be feeling, and then often get disappointed or miss what Heavenly Father wanted to tell me. But when I'm just trying my best to do what's right, and keeping an open heart Heavenly Father often blesses me with what I didn't know I wanted. Elder Jensen talked to us on tuesday, and he talked a lot about submissiveness. It's like a choir. All of the people in a choir need to be submissive in order to get the right sound. There can't be soloists when the choir is singing. And he talked about that a lot. And he said he was talking to Elder Maxwell before he died, and he asked him, with all his studies on Christ, what christlike attribute he wanted the most. and he said submissiveness. Because if we are willing to submit to everything Heavenly Father has in store for us, we will be in harmony with his will and we will be happy. It was a really good talk. I have a new favorite mormon message this week too. It's called Create, with President Uchtdorf. It's awesome. Something I've learned a lot about here is a quote from President Monson "Never let a problem to be solved become more important than a person to be loved." It's really easy, especially in the MTC, to focus on the rules and lessons, and forget the reason we have them and do them. The bottom line of all of them is to help people, and when you're focusing on loving people it's hard to go wrong.
Well, i'm starting to run out of time so i'm going to wrap up this letter. I love you all so much, and thanks so much for your constant letters and packages. I have been blessed way more than I deserve in the MTC, and everybody has been jealous of my mail. I read all your letters and love them, and usually re-read them too. And after today, if you could post to the blog and facebook to send my letters to LA, that'd be great!
borsh-I want to see Lily so bad! she sounds adorable. I'm glad her and Kola are getting along, and I want to see some pictures and videos of her! she sounds awesome. I'm glad to hear high school is going well, keep working hard and having fun!
B-I wish so much I could get a little caesars with you right5 now. I've been craving one for ages now. I'm glad the prospects in your finding pool are looking up, and I hope to hear that you get a new investigator soon if you know what I mean. Am I right, or am I right? And thanks so much for the package! Oh man. It was prefect. I ate half of it the first night. I'm kind of fat.
A-I got so jealous reading about all your food! It sounds so good. I'm glad you had a great week, and I want to humble you in Tetris right now. Something that I've found that helps me with my scripture study, is remembering that the BOM was written exactly for us. they saw our day, and they included the things that would be of most worth to us. The Nefites never had it. It was written only for us. Say hi to Abby and Cary for me!
Matt- I got your pictures, your house looks great! I'm looking forward to the mansion pictures too. And I'll make sure the airport gives you a call wednesday. Tell Lauren hi!
Kt- AH!!!!! I can't believe how fast lola is growing! and why haven't i gotten any pics? I mean, you're super prego! say hi to todd for me, and I hope he's taking all this in stride. I like his bigfoot idea, it's probably a good idea to stay low.
Mops and Pops-i did get my picture book, and thank you so much! I love it, it's great. I'm wearing my piggly wiggly hat right now, I think you would appreciate that. I hope Lily is doign great, and I want to see pictures. I can't wait to talk to you guys in 5 days!
My time is up, but I love you all! The church is true!

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